4 SEO Tips For 2020: The Year The User Becomes The Key Element

All of us who have an online business look for and need to generate traffic. And to achieve this, one of the best-known strategies is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Are you, therefore, looking for information about how to improve your web positioning? So, this article interests you because we are going to give you some SEO tips for 2020. The consequence of these changes is that your website can increase its visibility or that algorithms make your rankings go down.

The reality is that if we look back, we can see how the Google algorithm has changed a lot. Before the arrival of Google Panda or Penguin, it seemed that everything was worth it, but now, the truth is that we do not have it so easy (not impossible). Let’s see what you should aim for next year for your SEO strategy.

  1. Link building still matters

Although Google increasingly values ​​the user experience, link building continues to weigh heavily on the algorithm. Issue? Every time you have to be more careful, buy only high-quality links, and watch your anchor text profile with 3 eyes.

  1. Make the most of the user experience

If you want to give your website extra SEO power, one of the best tips for 2020 is to work on your user experience. The user experience is everything related to the interaction with your website of the visits that come to it. The elements that make up the user experience are many; however we mention the most relevant:

  • Accessibility, and navigability.
  • Time on page and the number of page views.
  • Loading speed.
  • Graphic and visual design.
  • Quality of the contents.

Taking all this into account, we recommend taking a test on your website by analyzing the following questions:

  • How long does it take to load the page?
  • Does the menu help to navigate?
  • Do the web’s contents respond to what the user is looking for when he arrives at it?

If you have trouble analyzing these points, ask someone else for help to give you a more objective opinion. The experience that any visit has when it reaches your website must be as positive as possible. Keep in mind that if the content found is not satisfying, if the navigability is difficult, or if the web is slow loading, the user will leave sooner than it should.

  1. Don’t forget the user’s search intent

This point is derived from the previous one.

The user’s search intention is the information that a user expects to find about the keyword that he has entered in the search engine.

  1. Take care of your visual branding

Google is more and more visual, as users are doing more and more image searches. For this reason, it is now important to position elements that until now had not been taken into account, such as images, videos, maps.

Tips and Tricks to Find High Traffic SEO Keywords

The organic traffic of any site depends on the search engines. Higher search engine rankings always generate sufficient traffic to your site. Getting higher rankings is based on the keywords you’ve used in SEO on your site. But how do you find keywords like this to get high traffic? How To Do Keyword Research? Here are some tips and tricks for finding keywords for SEO.

Understand SEO

On search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, search results are usually based on search engine optimization (SEO). These SEOs are usually created by a site to get rankings on the search engine pages.

When you search for something on the Internet, you get multiple results on the search engine. You tend to click on-site links that are placed above, and therefore, the importance of SEO and SEO keywords increases for driving big traffic.

Good SEO usually helps a website improve its search engine performance. These SEOs contain keywords related to the theme of the site. A specific keyword is searched several times a day in search engines. For example, if you’re looking for a budget Android phone, you tend to enter keywords like “best budget Android phones” or “cheap Android phones”. These are commonly used keywords when it comes to finding budget Android phones.

Using long keywords also helps. These are usually key phrases that contain between two and five words and help people find a specific item on search engines. To understand keywords like this, you need to understand how SEO works. By using some SEO and keyword research tools, you can easily get high traffic SEO keywords.

The importance of keywords

SEO performance depends on the type of keywords used. SEO articles only help a website rank higher on the search engine if they contain relevant keywords. When you write an article on a given topic, you should define keywords and use them in the article to make it more SEO friendly.

Without keywords, search engines can’t find your site. But remember, keyword usage isn’t the only factor. The density and placement of keywords also play an important role in its implementation.

How To Find High Traffic Keywords?

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything” is a phrase that is very relevant when it comes to the keyword research strategy. To find high traffic keywords, you need to do the right keyword strategy. First, decide who your target audience is and then figure out how they search on the search engines. Second, determine the approach you want to take and the results you want to get from that target audience. Want to create a brand image for your website? Or do you want frequent visitors to your site? Depending on what you want, you need to strategize in terms of keyword generation and usage.

SEO Marketing Mind MapRemember, keywords can only move people to a page on your site. After that, it is the content on the site that determines the time the visitor spends on it. It is always best to plan out a set of keywords for your website’s landing page. Using keywords like these in your landing page kits will prove useful.

Use keyword research tools.

Finding good SEO or keywords is not an easy task at all. Implementing keyword strategies can be simplified with helpful keyword research tools for the best possible results.

Keyword Tools give you the real keywords that users are looking for. They also provide search engine trend analysis. Using Google Data Centers, these Keyword Research Tools give you relevant keyword results. Searching by region or language also counts towards providing accurate keywords for a website.

With these simple tricks, you can easily find good keywords and improve your SEO strategies.

Little Tricks to Boost SEO Traffic on Any Site

There are a large number of guides for promoting various internet sites. They describe in detail what you need to do and implement on your site in order to increase SEO traffic in search engines.  An really reliable SEO expert should know all of these tricks already.

However, users often ask: What little tricks can you apply to improve your SEO traffic?

We will tell you about such small but effective details.Search Engine Optimization - Methods that work for 2020

Extended snippet

If the site has high traffic requests and it is on the list of the best, it is important to monitor the functioning of micro markup and extended snippets.

The main criteria to watch out for are:

  • Popularity indicator
  • The cost
  • Visual part
  • Basic text information

These are the most well-known details that can quickly increase your site’s SEO traffic in search engines.

Testing algorithm and snippets implementation:

  1. Collecting traffic pages from Google Analytics
  2. Change snippets to these pages
  3. View the number of clicks from search engines
  4. Analytics continued testing

When changing snippets, the instant growth of conversions does not often occur. In some cases, the picture will be negative. In this situation, all that remains is to test and wait.

The presence of new snippets will only become noticeable after a few days, usually from one to three infrequently used search engines.

This is one of the little tricks that can help you increase your search queries.

Updating information on the site

If your site already has several pages with the material, then you can replace or update it.

Information from articles

When updating the text, you can notify the search engine about it.

You can see such chips on different sites. Especially where there are a lot of articles that generate good SEO traffic.

What does it give:

  • Users will know that the content on the site is relevant
  • The search engine is notified of the information update

If you update your content from time to time on the site, you can significantly increase the number of transitions.


If you are selling something or writing articles, you can update the information with new reviews.

This will affect search engines, and they will select your articles and pages with the most profitable traffic.


The most important selection criterion for search engines is relevance.

The date affects the level of relevance. If you change the date and month of your post and help it to re-index, you can notice a good increase in conversions to your page.

If yours is for entertainment, in order to stay in the top of well-known search engines, you should perform the following algorithm every day:

  • Delete your URL
  • Transfer all information to a fresh address
  • In this case, the old address is updated to the just created

Thus, you get the first place in the top search engines and a high level of queries.

Loading resource

How your resource and its pages are loaded always affects the number of users. What you need to watch out for:

  • What capabilities does your server have
  • The weight of information on the site that can slow down the work process
  • Optimizing loads

If your site has a lot of SEO traffic and more than one hundred thousand visitors per day, you need to do some things. Create an additional subdomain to add pictures there. Create another one for videos, etc.

SEO Tracking Tools and ChartsSubsequently, you will be able to observe significant changes.

If your resources are heavily loaded, you need to have a good server right away. Optimization of the speed and load of the site should be on top

You need:

Learn the basics of code optimization in order to improve the performance of your site.


These little tricks will help you grow your website and increase its SEO traffic from search engines if done correctly.

Don’t forget to test and analyze what will help your site get traffic.

There are many more tricks for experienced users.